Puig on an electoral advance in Spain: “If there is a situation that has no way out, solutions must be taken”

If there is a situation that has no way out, solutions must be taken

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana and general secretary of PSPV-PSOE, Ximo Puig, believes that now “what matters least to Spain is more instability”, but he believes that “if in the future there is a situation in which there is no exit, you should take the appropriate solutions. “

This is what Puig said in an interview with Europa Press, when asked if the head of the central executive, Pedro Sanchez, should advance the general elections in Spain if there is a situation of ungovernability due to lack of support for the Government.

In this regard, he affirms that “in these moments what matters least to Spain is more instability”, after “many years with a situation of lack of legitimacy of government and problems of corruption”.

In his opinion, “now a new space has been opened” and there is “a majority that has supported a motion of censure” that must be “articulated in the minimum necessary to generate stability”. “This is what Spain is interested in,” he stresses.

However, he points out: “If in the future there is a situation in which there is no way out, the appropriate solutions must be taken, and now there is a new government willing to generate a shared agenda.”


He affirms that now the Executive has to present a budget that “portrays everyone” to make “a constructive policy”. “If Spain is not interested in having elections all have to make an effort to make the budget that nobody will like 100%, but this is the management of diversity,” he adds.

“What will happen if everything goes wrong?”, He asks, to say that he does not know, but that he is in favor of a “real policy and not fiction” or “political pop culture, but classical but permanent renewal ” In this sense, he adds: “The production of politics can not be in instantaneous times because it loses power and consistency.”

The head of the Consell emphasizes the “persistence and courage” of Sánchez who, in addition, “has shown that he is a politician with a background”. “The government has shown that it has the capacity to excite a majority of society and that is what the polls say, now we have to see exactly if it is capable of sustaining it and implementing those policies.”



In his opinion, it has created “a new atmosphere of dialogue that has released a lot of oxygen and can breathe”, but believes that now it is necessary to “land on concrete solutions to concrete problems and look at the medium and long term because you can not dribble in the short. ” As of September, it considers that it is “the moment in the government has to press the accelerator”.

Therefore, he insists that the new executive must be allowed to develop his work because “the alternative is worse” because “there is not”. “My assessment is very positive, although there are things that I would like to see faster than financing, but this is the first government in the history of democracy that not only has not had 100 days, it is that neither five days nor 100 hours and this is not very reasonable either. “

He recalled that Sanchez and advanced that “first was the motion of censure, then stabilization and then elections” and, therefore, believes that now should be “an effort” to “at least ensure stability a few months.”

In this way, he does not consider that “at this moment” there are “the circumstances” that Sánchez submits to a motion of confidence if the budgets do not go ahead. “At the moment these circumstances do not exist, all the instruments that the Constitution allows are there to be used, but they should always be from the general interest,” he says.


Regarding his relationship with the President of the Government, he points out that he is “open and affectionate” with a “permanently positive” tone, as well as maintaining “very good relationship and communication” with Moncloa and the different Ministries.

In fact, this September they will hold a formal meeting, still without a fixed date, from which they hope to obtain short-term agreements and “build a medium and long-term strategy”. “The Valencian Community wants to contribute to Spain and can do it, but for that it has to have the objective conditions such as financing and fair investments and take the slab out of the part of the underfinancing debt,” he emphasizes.

For Puig, with these “conditions” and a Mediterranean Corridor “in full form”, the Valencian autonomy can be “supportive” with the rest of the State’s territories because it will be able to “contribute more”. “We are going to be one of the locomotives of growth in Spain,” he predicts.

For this reason, will propose to Sanchez that the Community “is willing to participate and commit to a new project in Spain and a new territorial reality in which there are no privileges and, at the same time, the singularities are addressed but that there is equality among citizens” .

Phytoestrogens, menopause and hot flashes: little (or no) evidence of their benefits

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 Menopause is a time in the life of an adult woman characterized by the lack of menses. Under normal conditions it usually occurs naturally around the age of 45 and its cause is the lack of production of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the ovaries. It is considered that a woman has reached menopause when she stops having periods for a year. However, the characteristic symptoms may start years earlier and include: changes in menstruation (more or less lasting, profuse and with more or less time between them); hot flashes and / or sweating (hot flashes, more usually at night) ; difficulty sleeping and concentrating; vaginal dryness; mood swings for no apparent reason; hair loss and, in the opposite direction, more facial hair.

The treatment of this symptomatology, more specifically the issue of hot flashes, has different therapeutic aspects . One of them, and framed in the so-called complementary medicine, is the use of phytoestrogens (compounds of plant and non-steroidal nature similar to some human estrogenic hormones) present is a wide variety of plants and that can be consumed, either as food such which or as a supplement. In particular and for the purposes pursued these phytoestrogens are usually found in soya, alfalfa and the so-called red clover (a legume with a special forage use).

With this approach, many women use treatments that are perceived as “natural” and safe, but often do not have good information about the effectiveness of their supposed benefits, nor about the potential risks.

Fortunately, from time to time, reviews of the scientific literature are published that lead us to doubt or at least help us. Such is the case of this article Phytoestrogens for menopausal vasomotor symptoms (“Phytoestrogens for vasomotor symptoms of menopause”) that without dizzy partridge, addresses the question of the effectiveness of this measure and its safety. His conclusions are quite concrete:

“There is no conclusive evidence to show that supplementation with phytoestrogens effectively reduces hot flashes or night sweats typical of menopause.”

So far, I suppose, the bad news. However, there is still a long way to go in this regard. In the same study calls for the need to deepen the investigation of a specific compound, genistein (a phytoestrogen in particular) with which to appear have obtained results to some extent promising.

In any case, another of the important readings of the review of the state of the menopause-phytoestrogens question is the poor quality of the studies with which we conclude arriving at these conclusions. It is commented so much in the publication that I have commented …

“Many of the trials in this review were small, short-lived, and of poor quality, and the types of phytoestrogens used varied significantly”

… As in other articles, such as Phytoestrogens and other botanicals: on the problems of evidence-based evaluation (“Phytoestrogens and other plant molecules: problems in evidence-based evaluation “) when it is stated that given the poor quality of the published clinical trials …

“The quality of research in this field and the possible influences of the industry must be taken into consideration in order to define inclusion criteria for those studies in which a meta-analysis or review will be done.”

Beyond the phytoestrogens

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On a more positive note, it should be noted that those women who undergo menopause and who suffer hot flashes may obtain a significant reduction in their symptoms as long as they maintain an adequate weight . Thus, a recent pilot study highlights that losing weight could help alleviate the hot flashes that often accompany menopause (you have news about the results of the study in question in this link ).

Other recent research points to possible lifestyles that could interfere with those hot flashes of menopause. A possible way to control them to some extent could lie in the composition of the diet. This means that some caution should be observed with spicy foods as well as with the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco .


Canceled the debts of a worker by the law of the second chance

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“The first case of cancellation of debt with the Second Chance Act in a court of 1st instance of Spain Judge Javier León Mata of the Court of First Instance No. 4 of Badalona has issued the order 14/2017 by which is exempted of 27,000 euros for the first time in Catalonia to a person in situation of over indebtedness through the Law of the Second Chance, approved in July 2015.

Manel Fores, Legal Legal Director of Repara tu Deuda, explains the case: “AC, 55, engaged in a separation of assets and with a child, charged 1,480 euros per month and his creditors claimed approximately 50% of his salary”. Faced with this critical situation, he was over-indebted to be able to pay off his credits until there came a time when he could not face it and stopped paying. The creditors were BBVA, Banco Cetelem, Carrefour, FGA Capital Spain EFC, TIT Finance and Banco Santander.

Pol Andreu, lawyer and head of the legal department of Repara tu Deuda, points out that the present Order allows studying and analyzing the legal reasoning used by the Judge to substantiate the concurrence of the necessary requirements to agree on the exemption of the dissatisfied liability. “In this particular case, we are faced with a debtor in good faith, which also implies compliance with one of the legal requirements to be able to benefit from the exemption of the dissatisfied liability, one of the axioms that lead our legal system and whose concurrence, in cases like Mr. Casado’s, may be more than relevant to be able to resolve the exoneration on a pro forma basis “.

“Therefore, we must consider this Order as the first Judicial Resolution and, therefore, of interest and public access, which may be taken into account by other Courts and other legal professionals, and which, through its own casuistry and judicial practice, will allow create precedent and even generate jurisprudence “.

With his monthly salary as the sole asset, the client went to Repair Your Debt, a pioneer credit repair in Spain, in January 2016. “He had fixed expenses of 1,300 euros per month, leaving almost nothing to live on,” explains Fores. Repair your Debt attended him and offered all the service for 950 euros, to pay in 10 monthly payments. “First I went to four law firms – explains AC – that just to assist me they asked me for a provision of funds between 2,000 and 4,000 euros, also requesting total amounts for the procedure between 6,000 to 8,000 euros, so I can say that repairs your Debt has changed my life and given me the opportunity to start from scratch. “

It is the first case that a First Instance Court resolves in Spain through the Second Chance Act. Repair your Debt is the first credit repair firm through the Second Chance Act in Spain and currently has more than 800 cases pending resolution. “To this day, 100% of the files that we have managed have been successfully completed and given the typology of our clients -with little or no economic capacity- we believe that judges will end up forgiving the debt to all our clients”, says Manel Fores.

“The courts of first instance are demonstrating their competence with respect to the merchants even if they are not familiar with mercantile issues or related to the law of the second opportunity,” stand out from Repara tu Deuda. The non-entrepreneurial natural persons attend the courts of first instance and civil matters such as abuse, divorce, etc. are dealt with. “In just over a year, most of these courts have been updated with this new law and are undoubtedly proving their effectiveness as confirmed by the case of Badalona, ​​which has favorably resolved the first case in Spain.”

According to the repairer, based in Sabadell and present throughout Spain through franchises, is a procedure that could be welcomed by many people but ignorance makes it a tool still little used. In Spain, the number of competitions presented is around 1,400, compared to more than 100,000 per year that are processed in France or Germany.

Repair your Debt helps people who are in extreme situations to start from scratch. Although there is still a long way to go, since the approval of the Law, more than 150 cases have been resolved in Spain.