“We have paid for the trip with a loan”

We have paid for the trip with a loan

Hundreds of people affected by Air Madrid yesterday expected to fly in Barajas.  Paul and Family, they had to fly yesterday. (Jorge Paris) “We had to fly today to Quito, and nobody explains anything to us, I called Fomento and they sent me to Air Madrid”, says desperate Paul (he omits his surname), 31 years old, father of two children who were going to be baptized on Saturday 23 December, in the Chimbacalle parish of Mexico (Quito). “We have been in Spain for five years and this was the first time we returned,” he says.

He is accompanied by his wife, Gladys, also 31 years old. The two work as waiters in Leganés and have paid $ 12,000 for the baptism of the two children: Tábata, ten years old, who needs this ritual to be confirmed, and Brian, two. More than 100 people await you for the treat. “We had to ask for a loan to pay for the trip (1,250 euros for adults and 680 for children), and they tell us that we will not get back , and flights cost 2,900 euros on these dates.”

A few meters away, and with her one-year-old little girl on her back, we see another young woman. Without more information than confusion, confidences and rumors among those affected. Tied to the burning nail of a claim that has to arrive in time: “I have to fly now, for God’s sake”.

Alejandra Estrada, a 26-year-old Ecuadorian, arrived at Terminal 1 at Barajas Airport yesterday from 13.30 am from Milan, where she works as a domestic assistant. His time in Madrid was going to be a procedure, he had to link with a flight from a ” cheap company “, Air Madrid, to Quito.

His surprise came when he was going to check in at the Milan airport

His surprise came when he was going to check in at the Milan airport

The suitcase will not arrive in Quito, it will stay in Spain because Air Madrid has closed”, he was told. And she and her daughter may not be able to reach either, she later learned, already at Barajas. “Nobody informed us of this in Italy,” he says. “What do I do if they leave me on the ground, I do not know anyone here, where will I go?” He said. The girl, Jasmine, was finally going to meet her grandmother, but failing to love flashes and cameras, showing talent as an artist while her mother gave him porridge, juice, water …

Alejandra complained that she could not move with the girl and the suitcases, could not even get in the queue of claims, had to ask favors from strangers (“Take care of the girl for a moment, please” “, use solidarity . “My boy also bought a flight and we were going to meet next week, they were still selling tickets in Italy,” he says.